Yumizen H2500/H1500 Hematology Analyzer

Product Description

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Product Description

Weight 112 kg
Power supply 100 V / 50 Hz to 240 V / 60 Hz
Dimensions 73 x 83 x 65 cm (HxWxD).
Screen Colour LCD touch screen of 12.1 in
Computer Intel Celeron


Mouse and Keyboard

2 audio jacks (line out and mic-in)

Connectors 1 VGA

3 RS232

2 USB2

2 USB3


2 PS2

Graphical User Interface Flat design oriented to conform to HORIBA graphical chart
Storage Capacity 100 000 results (include Graphics and Runs)
Logs Reagents, calibration, quality control, blank cycle, users, settings, service, communication