Tissue Typing Trays

Producing consistent, accurate HLA typing of Class I or Class II antigens, this selection of trays is available in a 72-well format. Each tray contains positive and negative controls and accommodates most complement dependent cytotoxicity (CDC) methods. They are designed for use with both staining techniques−dye exclusion and fluorescence.

Terasaki Dry HLA Tissue Typing Trays

The Class I and Class II Dry Tissue Typing Trays contain 1 µl of dried HLA monoclonal antibody in each well. As with the basic HLA trays, each Dry Tissue well contains a…

Terasaki HLA Tissue Typing Trays

Containing well-characterized antisera, this selection of 72-well format trays produce consistent and accurate HLA typing with complement dependent cytotoxicity methods.

Terasaki Supplement HLA Tissue Typing Trays

The Supplement Trays work with other Terasaki HLA Typing Trays (T1, T2, and T3) to help solve difficult typing situations.