Roche 9180
Roche 9180
Roche 9180

For flexible analysis of electrolytes in laboratories or hospital Point of Care units.

The Roche 9180 Electrolyte analyzer measures electrolytes from whole blood, serum, plasma, urine dialysate or aqueous standards.

Customer benefits
  • Easy to use
    The microprocessor-based technology and easy-to-use design make the Roche 9180 Electrolyte analyzer simple to operate. The electrodes are maintenance-free and readily accessible reducing the need for complex training. Calibrations are quick and fully automatic.
  • Quick change of analyte
    The selectable parameter capability allows the user to select the electrolyte menu that meets the laboratory's need. With this feature a change of the analyte combination is quick and easy.
  • Fast sample processing
    The sampling assembly quickly aspirates the sample from syringes, collection tubes, sample cups or capillaries. In less than one minute, all results are displayed and printed, and the analyzer is ready to accept another sample.
Additional features
  • Electrodes
    A Na+ ion selective sodium sensor, a K+ ion selective potassium sensor, a Cl- ion selective chloride sensor, a Ca++ ion selective ionized calcium sensor, a Li+ ion selective lithium sensor are all available as well as an open liquid junction, flow-through electrode as a reference system.