One Lambda SmartType
One Lambda SmartType<sub>™</sub>
One Lambda SmartType provides a fast and simple genotyping solution.
Leveraging the combined selectivity of primers and TaqMan probes, HLA FusionTM Beta provides you with accurate genotyping results.    
The SmartType RUO workflow has been validated on the QuantStudioTM Dx, QuantStudioTM 6, QuantStudioTM 7, and ViiaTM 7 real-time PCR instruments.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple workflow-Minimal hands-on time
  • Target-specific amplification-Combines primer and probe selectivity to DNA targets
  • Broad allele coverage-Up to three channels for DNA target genotyping
  • Automatic allele typing-Results are reported on HLA FusionTM Beta Software


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One Lambda SmartType Class I & II

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