NGS Instrumentation

Experience the speed, scalability, and simplicity of the NXType™ Assay

One Lambda’s complete NGS solution includes a suite of tools to streamline the entire sequencing workflow from library preparation through analysis.

The new Ion S5™ platform integrates seamlessly into your laboratory, incorporating a number of design innovations that bring both speed and ease of use. With simple setup, fast sequencing and automated analysis, the NXType assay on the Ion S5™ and Ion S5 XL™ Systems takes you from sample to results in less than three days.

Ion Chef System

The Ion Chef System delivers fast, hands-free automation to the entire template preparation process.

Ion S5 Sequencing Systems

The new Ion S5™ and S5 XL™ Systems deliver faster sequencing speeds, greater scalability and enhanced performance.

NGS Ancillary Equipment

NGS ancillary equipment provides the tools required for library and template preparation to facilitate fast, high quality sequencing.