Blood Gas Analyzer Gem Premier 3500

Introducing new GEM Premier 3500, Arterial Blood Gas Analyzer with iQM offering versatility and flexibility for faster, easier, more efficient critical care testing. The system is based on self-contained cartridge PAKs which include all component for patient testing and are maintenance free and are available in various pack sizes of 150, 300, 450 and 600 tests.

The system measures parameters like pH, pCO2 , pO2 , Na+ , K+ , Ca++, Glu , Lac , Hct with derived parameters HCO3 , HCO3 – std , TCO2 , BE (B), BE (ecf), SO2C , Ca++ (7.4). Instrumentation Laboratory’s Proprietary intelligent Quality management provides continuous, real-time quality control for the most accurate results providing error detection and correction 24 x7 days.

The system offers Rapid test result in just 85 Sec. from a sample volume of 150ul and results can be transferred to a laboratory, hospital information system through ASTM or HL – 7 data transmission. The system is well adapted to Indian environment with cartridge pack storage at room temperature.

The equipment is manufactured by Instrumentation Laboratory (Werfen Group), USA , FDA approved product & ISO certified. with more than 800 installations in India.