LABScreen® PRA
LABScreen® PRA

Determines percent PRA and identifies antibody specificities using a panel of color-coded microbeads coated with HLA antigens purified from different cells. Class I and Class II assays may be tested separately or together. Utilizes the LABScanTM 100 or LABScan3DTM for analysis of up to 100 or 500 bead regions, respectively, in a single test.

Features & Benefits

  • 96 samples can be tested sequentially using the X-Y platform
  • Identifies negative or safe antigens, even for high PRA patients
  • Detects IgG antibodies
  • Ideal for low volume and high throughput laboratories
Technical Specification

Catalog #

Product name




LABScreen PRA Class I and Class II

55 - Class I and 32 - Class II antigens

25 tests/ea


LABScreen PRA Class I

55 - Class I antigen panel

25 tests


LABScreen PRA Class II

35 - Class II antigen panel

25 tests