LABScreen® Ancillary Reagents
LABScreen® Ancillary Reagents

LABScreen Ancillary Reagents

Ancillary products for use with LABScreen such as control beads and serum, Adsorb Out, Quantiplex Beads, wash buffer, and other reagents.

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LABScreen Negative Control Serum

Negative control serum used as an indicator of the non-specific background signal of each LABScreen and LABScreen Multi bead when reacting with a serum sample that does not contain any anti-HLA Class I or Class II antibody.

20 tests


IgM Positive Control Beads

Used with antigen-coated microbeads to provide a positive signal.

25 tests


PE-Conjugated Anti-Human IgM

PE-conjugated anti-human IgM reacts with Fc5 micro portion of the human IgM heavy chain.

1000 tests(approx.)


PE-Conjugated Goat Anti-Human IgG

For use in the detectection of IgG in the LABScreen and LABScreen Multi assays.

1000 tests(approx.)


Quantiplex Beads

Reference beads used with LABScreen assays.

25 tests


Adsorb OutTM

Consists of microparticles treated with blocking solution, but without any specific antigen coating. Use to reduce high background that is caused by nonspecific binding of materials in human sera to the latex beads used in flow antibody detection assays. Most high background sera show a reduced background fluorescent signal after the adsorption.

25 tests