Bead-based Multiplexing Assay for PRA Screening

LABScreen reagents are powered by Luminex® xMAP® technology, a microbead platform used to deliver multiplex antibody assays in high-PRA patients. This single antigen-bead based assay allows for a precise determination of antibody profiles against HLA, MICA or HNA. The proven reliability of LABScreen’s consistency, high sensitivity and robustness for PRA screening has gained rapid momentum in the transplant community.


LABScreen MICA was created for HLA antibody screening and identification of MHC class I related chain A (MICA) antibodies.


LABScreen Mixed is a screening test for detecting antibodies agains HLA Class I and Class II in addition to MHC Class I related chain A (MICA), another factor shown to cause…

LABScreen® Ancillary Reagents

Ancillary products for use with LABScreen such as control beads and serum, Adsorb Out, and other reagents.

LABScreen® Multi

LABScreen Multi, a multiplex assay, is a screening tool for antibodies again both the HLA and Human Neutrophil Antigens (HNA).

LABScreen® PRA

LABScreen PRA is a screening tool that helps to determine percent PRA and identify antibody specificities using a panel of color-coded microbeads coated with HLA antigens…

LABScreen ®Single Antigen

LABScreen Single Antigen is designed to screen HLA class I and class II antibodies that are reactive to one or more dominant epitopes providing clinicians a comprehensive…

LABScreen ® Single Antigen Supplement

LABScreen Single Antigen product family is used to help advance DSA monitoring by screening antibodies against HLA antigens found in higher frequencies among certain regional…