Instruments and Software

Automation Flexibility

One Lambda's instruments and software products help managers streamline processes for increased efficiency. Designed with function and cost effectiveness in mind, our technology supports the accurate automation of tasks in the HLA laboratory. When well-designed automation and robust software solutions are at work, laboratories can deliver test results with greater confidence and ease.

Automated Pipettors/Dispensers

LABXpress™ Pipettor enables faster processing times, enhances lab automation, and is optimal for high throughput testing.
Lambda Jet™ Cell Dispenser streamlines procedures by systematically dispensing reagents into Terasaki Typing Trays and a variety of microtiter plates (96, 192, 384 wells)...

NGS Instrumentation

Ion S5™ Sequencing Systems deliver faster sequencing speeds, greater scalability and enhanced performance.
NGS Ancillary Equipment provides the tools required for library and template preparation to facilitate fast, high quality sequencing.

Readers Analyzers

BioTek® ELX800NB™ is used for scanning 96-well microplates, as well as a variety of Terasaki Typing Trays. LABScan™ 100 and LABScan3D™ are multiplex flow analyzers based on the proven Luminex® xMAP® technology and are used with LABScreen® and LABType® products...


HLA Fusion™ Software is a companion to our HLA screening and DNA typing products. Analysis results can be reviewed in graphical form, allowing easy adjustment of cut-off values to clarify results.
UniMatch™ Plus software analyzes the SSP reaction patterns from UniTray™ and AllSet+™ Gold kits against the IMGT/HLA database.
uTYPE™ Software analyzes the the samples processed with SeCore™ SBT Sequencing or GSSP SBT Sequencing kits against the IMGT/HLA database.