Genotyping Tests

Further Your Research of KIR and Cytokine Genes

Wether your researching Cytokine or KIR genes, we offer a variety of genotyping assays with different protocols to fit your laboratory needs.

Cytokine Genotyping

The Cytokine Genotyping Tray is an easy-to-use tool to allow users to identify cytokine genotypes using the same testing procedure as is used for our popular Micro SSP™…

HNA Genotyping Tray

A genotyping tool using sequence-specific -primer polymerase chain reaction (SSP-PCR) technology to identify known HNA polymorphisms.

KIR Genotyping SSP Kit, dry format

The KIR Genotyping Kit contains 21 formulations of specific primer sets used to amplify genomic DNA to identify the presence or absence of specific KIR genes as well as common…

KIR SSO Genotyping Test

This assay is designed to promote further research on the impact of killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors (KIRs).