FlowPRA Ancillary Products
FlowPRA Ancillary Products

Ancillary products for use with FlowPRA such as control beads and serum, wash buffer, and reagent pack.

Technical Specifications

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FlowPRA Control Beads

FlowPRA Control Beads determine the background level of test serum when using One Lambdas' FlowPRA Screening Tests. FlowPRA Control Beads are not coated with HLA antigens and generate a unique emission spectrum allowing them to be mixed with test beads when determining serum background fluorescence levels during testing.

50 tests


FlowPRA Negative Control Serum

Control serum used with FlowPRA products.

10 tests


FlowPRA Class I Positive Control Serum

Class I positive control serum for use with FlowPRA Specific and FlowPRA Screening Tests.

10 tests


FlowPRA Class II Positive Control Serum

Class II positive control serum for use with Flow PRATM Specific and Flow PRA Screening Tests.

10 tests


FlowPRA Reagent Pack

Ancillary reagents used with the FlowPRA Specific and FlowPRA Screening Tests.

10 tests


FlowPRA Wash Buffer

Wash Buffer is provided for customers who use a larger volume of wash buffer than is provided in standard FlowPRA Screening Tests. For use with catalog # FL1-30, FL2-30, and FL12-60.

100 ml


Adsorb OutTM

Consists of microparticles treated with blocking solution, but without any specific antigen coating. Use to reduce high background that is caused by nonspecific binding of materials in human sera to the latex beads used in flow antibody detection assays. Most high background sera show a reduced background fluorescent signal after the adsorption.

25 tests