Antibody Detection

Transplant Monitoring Solutions

As the world leader in HLA tissue typing, One Lambda's offers a collection of integrated solutions to help you identify antibodies that may cause graft rejection. Our selection of assays varies in format, sensitivity and specificity. All products are designed for ease of use, lab efficiency and optimized automation.


Using Luminex® xMAP® technology, our selection of LABScreen® reagents provide several assays for determining percent PRA, in addition to identifying antibodies against both Class I and Class II antigens, MICA and HNA.


Driven by Luminex® xMap® platform, C1qScreen provides laboratories a reliable tool for distinguishing between complement binding and non-complement binding antibodies.


ELISA-based assays are designed to detect the presence of non-HLA antibodes for transplant monitoring research. Identify the presence of anti-AT1R or anti-ETAR antibodies, a receptor expressed on common solid organs.


Designed for use in flow cytometric detection, your choice of FlowPRA test can screen human sera for antibodies, assigning percent PRA and antibody specificity for HLA Class I and Class II.

Lambda Antigen Tray (LAT™)

Economical and convenient for screening patients, determining percent PRA and identifying antibodies. Terasaki trays are pre-coated with HLA Class I and Class II antigens designed to perform antibody detection based on ELISA techniques.

Lambda Cell Tray (LCT™)

Panels frozen lymphocytes dispensed in Terasaki trays, designed to determine PRA and HLA antibody screening by complement-dependent cytotoxicity.