Atreus Whole Blood Processing System
Atreus Whole Blood Processing System
Atreus Whole Blood Processing System
The Atreus Whole Blood Processing System puts a new spin on whole blood processing as the first laboratory technology available that automates the steps of whole blood processing in a single system. With the push of a button, customers can easily produce two or three* components from a whole blood unit.

CaridianBCT Atreus Whole Blood Processing SystemThis unique system simplifies whole blood processing by consolidating many labor-intensive manual process steps through automation, including:

    * Balancing
    * Centrifugation
    * Expression
    * Sealing
    * Volume determination
    * Procedure and process data

For additional flexibility, the Atreus system can effectively process whole blood up to 24 hours after collection with multiple protocols available for component production. The system also allows a choice between platelet additive solutions (PAS) or plasma for platelet suspension.

Advantages of the Atreus system compared to traditional processing:

    * Consistent, high quality components due to better process control
    * Less variability and fewer errors
    * Higher throughput
    * Improved staff utilization with reduced manual steps and hands-on time
    * Minimal operation procedures and less equipment to manage
    * Simplified training

How it works

The Atreus Whole Blood Processing System is an easy-to-use, integrated and automated manufacturing system that processes blood components from whole blood units.

The whole blood processing system consists of:
  • Atreus system processing device: self-contained, automated system
  • Atreus System Manager (ASM): enhanced data management system
  • Integrated processing sets: collection and processing set in one
Centralizing and organizing blood component processing:

The Atreus system device is fully integrated with the ASM software. The Atreus system with ASM provides centralized process control and defines the workflow for the Atreus system, allowing blood center component production to become more efficient.

All Atreus system processing sets feature a special organizer that keeps disposable bags together, simplifying collection, transportation and preparation of whole blood units for component processing.

Producing blood components with automation:

A computer-operated centrifuge, together with a hydraulic system and sophisticated sensors, enable consistent separation of blood into quality components. System protocols include:
  • 2C Protocol:   Produces red blood cells (RBCs) and plasma
  • 2C+ Protocol: Produces RBCs, plasma and Buffy Coats*
  • 3C Protocol:   Produces RBCs, plasma and platelets* 
Process and product variability is reduced through consolidated, automated steps.

Platelet Index and Auto-Switch:

Caridian BCT's whole blood processing system has the ability to predict plasma and red cell volume, platelet yield and hemoglobin content. Platelet Yield Index (PYI) and Auto-Switch functions, which are exclusive to the Atreus system, provide the ability to predict platelet yields and the intelligence to automatically make a decision regarding platelet productions.

The PYI feature detects and records a predicted platelet yield, allowing the production of higher yield platelets. The Auto-Switch feature, used in conjunction with the PYI feature, is configured to produce platelets from units with high predicted platelet yields. If the unit has a lower predicted platelet yield, the system automatically switches to produce only red blood cells and plasma, resulting in more plasma and less waste.
  • Select certain units to achieve a high-yield pooled platelet product
  • Target an average yield with minimal variability
  • Eliminate low-yield interim platelet units (IPUs) from the pooling process
  • Achieve desired results with a minimum number of whole blood units  
PYI with Auto-Switch increases productivity:
  • Streamlines and automates component production decision making
  • 18% platelet yield increase compared to the standard pooling process**
  • 20 ml plasma increase compared to an RBC/plasma/platelet procedure***
  • Shorten procedure time by 3 minutes compared to an RBC/plasma/platelet procedure***
  • Reduces process variability, resulting in fewer product discards

Atreus System Manager:

The Atreus System Manager (ASM) is an enhanced data management and information system to effectively manage day-to-day operations, and is included with the Atreus Whole Blood Processing System. With ASM, blood centers benefit from improved process control, regulatory compliance and management reports.

ASM Graphic

Cadence Data Collection System:

The Cadence Data Collection System is a service that collects and transfers information from CaridianBCT devices, enabling a team of support professionals to analyze the data and provide comprehensive reports to customers.

Maintained and serviced by CaridianBCT, the Cadence Data Collection System provides secure, one-way data transfer that:

    * Enables timely analysis of procedural issues
    * Allows for remote troubleshooting
    * Maximizes device up-time
    * Facilitates more timely and complete Outcome Review reporting
    * Requires no special blood bank operator training

CaridianBCT product materials are designed to provide additional overview information to help customers better understand the benefits of the Atreus Whole Blood Processing System.

    Atreus Whole Blood Processing Brochure