Speed, Simplicity and Intelligence
The ACL TOP Family of Hemostasis Testing Systems combines speed, simplicity and intelligence to meet the varied volume and testing needs of hospitals and specialty labs. Available in a variety of models, all ACL TOP systems run routine and specialty assays and operate quickly, easily and continuously, with real-time STAT capability, to deliver automated reagent management, quality control and maintenance. Take advantage of Testing Process Automation, reducing workload while expanding productivity and enabling true standardization throughout the lab and hospital.

ACL TOP 700 and ACL TOP 700 CTS (NEW)
For routine and specialty high-volume labs
Run more tests in less time, user-friendly, high-throughput performance and fully automated assays stardardize complex testing processes for labs with heavy workloads.CTS model offers the increased safety of Closed-Tube Sampling

For labs with Laboratory Automation Systems
Integrate seamlessly with Laboratory Automation Systems using off-board sampling for top performance in modern laboratories.Versatile front-load capability without interruption of track sampling and unlimited STAT positions offers increased efficiency for high-throughput routine and specialty testing.

For routine and specialty medium-to-high-volume labs
Ideal solution for mid-sized, routine and specialty labs or as a companion or backup to the high-volume ACL TOP 700 systems. Provides the same user-friendly, high-throughput performance of the larger ACL TOP 700 models, for routine and specialty labs with moderate-to-heavy workloads.
  • Same accurate results
  • Same reagents and consumables
  • Same broad test menu features and usability
  • Same powerful and intuitive software
ACL TOP Family offers more capabilities and more efficiences, setting a new standard in hemostasis testing.

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