Werfen ACL TOP 750 CTS

Product Description

Maximum speed, productivity, and ease – now with automated pre-sample checks for the specific test.

Presenting the highest level of performance for the best possible results, the ACL TOP system 750 CTS is ideal for any high-volume laboratory environment. Each ACL TOP system 750 CTS maximizes the ease, speed, and productivity, raising the automation of testing and quality to the highest level. Now with automated, preliminary sample checks and innovative, automated quality management, the ACL TOP system 750 CTS minimizes the risk of errors and increases efficiency for better patient care.

Product Specification

Automation Fully Automatic
Brand IL Werfen
Test menu  Clotting,Chromogenic and immunological assays.
Model Name/Number ACL TOP 750 CTS
Throughput PT=270 tests/hour
(270 samples/hour)
APTT=270 tests/hour
(270 samples/hour)
PT/APTT=260 tests/hour
(130 samples/hour)
Heat Dissipation Operational 0 kW/hour
Ambient Temperature From 15 Degree Celsius
Ambient Temperature To 32 Degree Celsius
Humidity From 15 %
Humidity To 85 %
Power Supply Min 220 V
Samples Onboard 120 (10/sample rack)
Reagents Onboard 60 (refrigerated)
Cuvettes Onboard 800
Applications Onboard 500 (250 user-definable)
Tests/Sample 30
Results Database 20,000 samples
Operating System Windows 7-based
Monitor 17-inch color LCD touchscreen (external)
Unit Dimensions (w x d x h) . 151 x 76 x 73 cm (59 x 30 x 29 in)
Weight (Analyzer) 166 kg (367 lbs)