Werfen ACL TOP 550 CTS

Product Description

Coagulation at the highest level!
Diagnosis without borders!

  • For laboratories with continuous 24 – hours mode, 7 days of the week;
  • Continuous charging with samples;
  • Highly automated coagulation analyzer;
  • The analyzer has built-in over 50 tests and the possibility to incorporate additional tests. Examples of built-in tests are PT, APTT, FIBC, D-Dimer, FACTORS, DOC(RIVAROXABAN, APIXABAN, DABIGATRAN), TT, and many others;
  • Immediately, automatic detection of MicroClot(clot) in the sample;
  • Automatic check before each sample of the relevant indicators: Lipеmia, Bilirubin, Hemoglobin;
  • Automatic check at sample level;
  • Ability to work with open and closed tubes;
  • Speed ​​and performance – 240 PT / hour(240 samples) or 180 PT plus APTT / hour(90 samples); 800 ditches, 80 samples and 40 reagent;
  • The reagents have a high shelf life and stability after opening;
  • It has its reagent cooling system;
  • STAT samples in real-time;
  • Easy and fast maintenance;
  • Complete monitoring of the disease status through its detailed menu of automated HemosIL® Tests.

Product Specification

Automation Fully Automatic
Brand IL Werfen
 Test menu Clotting,Chromogenic and immunological assays.
Model Name/Number ACL TOP 550 CTS
Throughput PT=240 tests/hour
(240 samples/hour)
APTT=180 tests/hour
(180 samples/hour)
PT/APTT=180 tests/hour
(90 samples/hour)
Ambient Temperature From 15 Degree Celsius
Ambient Temperature To 32 Degree Celsius
Humidity From 15 %
Humidity To 85 %
Power Supply Min 220 V
Samples Onboard 80 (10/sample rack)
Reagents Onboard 40 (refrigerated)
Cuvettes Onboard 800
Applications Onboard 500 (250 user-definable)
Tests/Sample 30
Results Database 20,000 samples
Operating System Windows 7-based
Monitor 17-inch color LCD touchscreen (external)
Unit Dimensions (w x d x h) . 110 x 82 x 73 cm (43 x 32 x 29 in)
Weight (Analyzer) 147 kg (324  lbs)