Werfen ACL TOP 550 CTS

Product Description

  • For laboratories with continuous 24×7 Service
  • Continuous Loading of samples
  • Highly automated coagulation analyser
  • The analyser has built-in PT, APTT, D-Dimer, Thrombin Time (TT), Factor Assays (Both Intrinsic and extrinsic pathways), VWF Antigen, VWF Activity, DRvvT Screen & Confirm, Silica Based LA, Free protein S, Protein C Chromogenic, Plasminogen, Plasmin Inhibitor, APCR- V, Homocysteine, Antithrombin (AT-III), FDP and HIT.
  • Immediately, automatic detection of MicroClot(clot) in the sample
  • Automatic sample level Detection
  • Ability to work with open and closed tubes.
  • Speed ​​and performance – 240 PT / hour (240 samples) or 180 PT plus APTT / hour (90 samples); 800 ditches, 80 samples and 40 reagents.
  • The reagents have a high shelf life and stability after opening.
  • It has its reagent cooling system.
  • STAT samples in real-time.
  • Easy and fast maintenance.
  • Complete monitoring of the disease status through its detailed menu of automated HemosIL® Tests.

Product Specification

AutomationFully Automatic
BrandIL Werfen
Test MenuClotting, Chromogenic and immunological assays.
Model Name/NumberACL TOP 550 CTS
ThroughputPT=240 tests/hour
(240 samples/hour)
APTT=180 tests/hour
(180 samples/hour)
PT/APTT=180 tests/hour
(90 samples/hour)
Samples Onboard80 (10/sample rack)
Reagents Onboard40 (refrigerated)
Cuvettes onboard800
Applications onboard500 (250 user-definable)
Results Database20,000 samples
Operating SystemWindows 7-based