BIOCELL MEDICARE was founded in 2000 and is one of the leading Marketing Companies promoting Diagnostic products, equipment & Medical devices. Our focus areas are Blood Banking, Haematology, Transplant diagnostics, Medical Oncology, Immunology, Genetics, etc. We represent companies like Fresenius Kabi, Germany for Apheresis systems, HORIBA /Japan France for Hematology Analyzers, Nanjing Eco Microwave System China for Varicose Veins & Ablation, and INSTRUMENTATION LABORATORY for Coagulation systems.

1.COAGULATION(Werfen/instrumentation laboratory)

  • We are committed to innovation in Hemostasis in vitro diagnostic testing, spanning lab and point-of-care settings. Our comprehensive line of products are intuitive, reliable, and intelligent. Coupled with our dedication to support, we strive to meet the needs of large laboratory networks and small hospitals, alike. Only Werfen offers industry-leading ACL TOP Family 50.
  • Automated pre-analytical checksDetects interference from Hemolysis, Icterus and Lipemia (HIL), under-filled sample tubes and abnormal sample aspiration to ensure quality testing. Quality In. Quality Out.
  • Advanced quality and accreditation support Most comprehensive set of audit-trail tools makes compliance easier with analyzer function and activity stamps, fully traceable results, logs and secure one-click audit reports.
  • True standardization, All models offer same quality results, comprehensive reagent portfolio, intuitive software, features and usability, plus same automated pre-analytical checks for superior performance and flexibility across the entire testing process.

2. Hematology(Horiba)

2.1 Innovative Solutions For Your Hematology Tests With Precise Analyzers From HORIBA

The Hematology division of HORIBA Medical is providing a large range of hematology analyzers and automated instruments to realize blood analysis (blood cells identification and counting). These analysis will participate to the diagnosis of various blood related diseases. Our instruments are designed for all kind of laboratory, small laboratory (to 150 patients a day), to larger ones (more than 2000 patients a day). Indeed, efficient and reliable instruments, automated racks, data management and quality tools are providing the whole environment for high quality medical analysis.

3.Apheresis/Blood Banking(Fresenius Kabi)

Fresenius Kabi provides blood centers with a full suite of apheresis technologies that help specialists efficiently collect their community’s most needed components, so patients can receive the blood components they need.

4.Endoveneous microwave ablation/vericose veins(ECO)

ECO varicose veins therapeutic unit is original innovation. ECO designed microwave radiator to be the apparatus that could be directly punctured into blood vessel for intracavitary coagulating treatment; changed the disadvantages of traditional varicose vein surgery like big wound and over bleeding; changed open surgery to minimally invasive surgery with advantages of multi-points shift ablation, simple operation and complete damage.

5. Biochemistry(Fujifilm)

Clinical chemistry systems based on dry chemistry technology, provide comfort and convenience in the operation

our principal Companies

We represent companies like , USA for Apheresis systems, HORIBA France for Hematology Analyzers, and INSTRUMENTATION LABORATORY for Coagulation systems.

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Our products are being marketed in the most prestigious Labs of corporate hospitals, Govt. Hospitals, Defense Hospitals, and Leading Pathological Labs in India directly or through our distribution network. Our products are channelized through 40 stockists in India. BIOCELL MEDICARE headquarters are located in New Delhi and other regional centers are located in Calcutta, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Our main refrigerated warehouse is located in New Delhi. Biocell Medicare has more than 30 team members which include Technical Managers, Service Engineers, and Direct sales representatives to promote products and technically support our customers.