96 Well Transfer Device
96 Well Transfer Device

Simplify the reagent transfer process using the 96-Well Transfer device to reduce multiple transfer actions to one step. The device uses 96 pipettes to transfer reagents quickly and simultaneously across the tray, ensuring consistency through out the array. Designed for use with 96-well plates or the Micro SSPTM Gel System, the tool is easy to load, aspirate, and wash and is fabricated from durable, non-corrosive materials. Although this transfer device is suited for numerous applications when transferring from a 96-well plate, it is standardized for the One Lambda Micro SSP 96- and 384-well DNA Typing Trays.

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96 Well Transfer Device

96-Well Transfer Device


96 Well Transfer Device plus Alignment Plate

96-Well Transfer Device plus Alignment Plate


96 Well Transfer Device Alignment Plate

96-Well Transfer Device Alignment Plate


96 Well Transfer Device Stand

96-Well Transfer Device Stand


96 Well Transfer Device Maintenance Kit

96-Well Transfer Device Maintenance Kit